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The point at which my love of the outdoors and gardens turned into a design and consulting business, called 'The Plant Artist', was when I was asked to create centerpieces for a friend's wedding. Loathe to throw away cut flowers, I planted instead, fifty succulent, rock and wood compositions in terra-cotta platters, tended to six months before the wedding. Over a decade later, many still live on in the gardens of those who took a planter home that night.

Initially, it was succulent and drought-tolerant garden designs. Later I began adding food and fruit, till gradually I came to understand, appreciate and focus on water harvesting earthworks, fire-resistant, native plant palette landscapes.  More recently I've begun to encourage and involve the client in the processes of building their garden. From plant selections, and shopping for materials, to getting down and dirty in digging, clearing, constructing, planting, and hand watering. Some sweat equity never hurts in developing a deep respect for the entire process while creating a close relationship with the land, the people and the plants.

Los Angeles, California.
Eagle Rock hillside restoration

Bungalow Haven, Pasadena, California. 
Native Plant water harvesting front yard


Torrance, California
Native Plant water harvesting front yard