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My desgin aesthetic comes from a life time of enjoying gardens and experimenting with changing its desgin or seeing it change. The point at which it turned into a business was when I was asked to create fifty center pieces for a friends wedding. Lothe to throw away cut flowers, I planted instead, fifty living succulant compositions in terracotta containers, tended to from six months before the wedding, which still live in the gardens of all who took a planter home that night.

I am one for continous repurposing, using all that is already on sight or on hand before running a tab.  The devil in my designs are in their detail and in taking time, allowing the client to absorb and direct the design process, as we work together to see what can be, and what to let go.


Turtle Rock Irvine Lawn makeover

frpm the camera 884
lawn gone
facing the side walk
mini rain garden

West Pasadena Cactus garden

Rancho Palos Verdes Native plant front yard

San Rafael West Pasadena succulent garden

by the bird bench
when sprinklers came on
the old sofa bed
the mercedes sunroof
birds on the bench
pond reflections
matka flow
by the deck
the deck
under the oaks

Palos Verdes Estates lawn removal

Palos Verdes water conservation native plant garden

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