An avid gardener, quilter and trekker my passion for gardens, quilts, mountains and treks weaves itself through designing school and home gardens, public spaces, and planted compositions.  Using found objects and repurposing onsite materials, corroded, in various states of tarnish and rust, mismatched plant groupings, mixed with cast away industrial waste, are all an understated call to observe carefully and look close to behold the unassuming yet quiet authority of seemingly useless objects.


I hike when I'm not gardening,

I quilt when I'm not hiking,

I sing when I'm not quilting,

I write, draw and design when all else fails.

Did I mention I cook!


School was never fun, but learning Mandarin, Chinese caligraphy, and drawing took me back to school, with Farsi, Urdu and English coloring my expressions.

Studying Permaculture design at Occidental Arts and Ecology seemed like I'd gone back in time to learning all things common sense, practiced for centuries.

Forest Ranger, Citizen Arborist, School garden Ranger, River Docent, and Training teachers, made for more fun learning and even better - always sharing!


The garden, its design, growth, and maturity, tops all that I enjoy doing most. Call or email so we can work together and build a space combining native and edible plants, to slowly observe and forever enjoy as it unfolds its magic.






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